Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Madsen Bikes

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes

These are so cool! I want one!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day pants

I have made this pattern 4 times now for HC. The first pair was a some cool space fabric. Then we made some with dog fabric. One day I took HC to Joann's to buy some fabric for "sleep shorts" he picked out bright red Curious George fabric, great choice for sleepwear! Well no sooner than we got home, he came to me and said, "Mom, E no want sleep shorts, E want day pants". So I made him bright red Curious George "day pants" I figure there is only so long that he can get away with it, and it makes him really happy. So now he also has "Buzz and Woody day pants" and another blue pair of Curious George ones cut out and waiting to be sewn. HC starts preschool in a week or so and the elastic pants are great for "Bathroom independence"

I think it is a Simplicity pattern, I will have to go look for the number later.

Tiny Little Super Guy

Do you remember that clip from Sesame Street? It was an animated character on a drinking glass. Moving on... It is what Scott and I called HC when he was a baby, our tiny little super guy. Well, now he has a cape. The tutorial came from The Long Thread http://thelongthread.com/?p=98, it took me less than an hour and a half to cut, decide on the appliqué, cut the appliqué out several times, appliqué the H onto the fabric, sew and backstitch. Now I want to make more, it was so easy! HC has requested that I sew a cape for Jeffery (his cabbage patch kid).

Friday, January 22, 2010


So I went to put on my shoes the other day and little boy (I have not thought of a cute witty name for the kids in the blogging world) looks at me and with a surprised look on his face says, "Mommy! More shoes!", "yes" I said "more shoes".

Sleepyhead is mad at me. I had the audacity to leave her and little boy for 4 hours today. Granted, that is the longest time I have left her in her 3 months of life. She has to get used to it though. I am back at work, and while I work from home, I will have to leave occasionally to do various things. She has not let me put her down in the 4 hours I have been home. I told her she would be better if she actually took a bottle. She is a bit of a picky little girl. She does not like a bottle, heck, I would be happy if she would nurse on both sides!

Car Seat cover

I made a car seat cover for Sleepyhead. I made it using this tutorial
via Craft Magazine blog
It was supper easy! It would have been even easier if I had remembered to take into consideration seam allowances when I pieced together the top, doh! I ended up cutting down the liner layer to make up for the short top layer, but it worked out and Sleepyhead got a cute cover to keep out the cold.
I made it out of a bedspread I bought at Gabes http://www.gabrielbrothers.com/ for $1.99 and a remnant of corduroy that I bought for some unknown reason (I really need to stop doing that, as my craft room is at max capacity!) for $1.50 adding a bit of Velcro from the stash and I had a cheap, but really cute cover. Looking at the picture, I just realized that I sewed the straps on so that they fasten in different directions, oh well. I will have to remember that for when (if) I make this again for gifts. It would be something really nice to give, and something great to do with all of those yards of fabric that I buy because it is cheap, or I just love, did I mention that I need to stop doing that!